You need to get your own web design platform ASAP.
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You Need To Get Your Own Place

Running your business from a social media platform or a free website is like living with yo momma.  Yo mamma got rules, curfews, chores and all that. If you grown, you need to move out and get your own place right. (LOL) No I am serious though. If you think about it that way, doesn’t it make since. Facebook has its algorithm, and even your friends don’t always see your posts. Instagram is so saturated with images of what appear to be taken from Pinterest and Tumblr that you have seen a million times. Cmon, its 2017 ladies! A legacy is not a side hustle. It is serious business. It takes time, effort and investment. Invest of your time and your money.

I know social media and that free stuff is good for a while, but eventually, there comes a time when you need to move out of yo mamma house.

Make your mark, leave a legacy.

Life is good, have a blessed day


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