My, Have Things Changed Around Here. - Legacy Designs Studio
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My, Have Things Changed Around Here.

Upon my professional journey and personal journey, much growth and transformation have taken place over a few short months; and it is reflected here at Legacy Designs Studio. In the past Legacy Designs Studio has always provided general brand design, graphic design, and web design services for it’s clients. Today how every we have made a big leap and have decided to focus solely on design for learning platforms.

It was like a light bulb went off in the form of divine grace from God. Duhhh, Aisha. You need to focus on what you love and what you know. I am and have always been a life-long learner, I homeschooled all three of my children, and when working in the capacity of a designer in the corporate world, it was always as an instructional designer. So for the Spring of 2017, we have grown as well as outgrown our previous services. I would personally like to welcome you.

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