Brand, Graphic & Web Design Services
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Web Design

You have your website, you have a nice following, and even a few brands sponsoring you. You are ready to grow your platform and looking to generate income for what you know and love, well then you have come to the right place.

A Website isn’t just for blogging, and sure you have, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and maybe Udemy, Gumroad, or Litmos, but, you are paying them or they are taking a nice cut, or you have little control of the prices set.  It’s like living in someone else’s house. You don’t have control over what your viewers see, how they see it or when they see it. If any of those platforms shut down, your back at stage one. A personal, online learning management system is a platform of your own, no limits, you make the rules!

Brand Design

Legacy brand design services begin with a complete psycho-bleueprint of your ideal client. It includes demographics, psychographics, psychodynamics and even social media habits and hashtag usage.  Branding isn’t all about you, it is about providing the best value for your client. A blueprint is an in-depth evaluation of your client, their needs, hopes and desires in order to give you a clear understanding of how you may assist them. Then your brand is created, with a dash of you in there as well.


Graphic Design

Designing your brand graphics is all about communicating to your ideal client about who you are and how you connect with them; what you have in common, how you relate. The colors, fonts, and elements that you use in your brand must resonate with your clients and visually show them that you get them that you know just what they need.

Legacy Library

The Legacy Library is an endless source of worksheets, ebooks, tutorials, and interviews created, curated, and packaged in a vault just for do it yourselfers. We understand the challenge of the new entrepreneur, on a fixed budget, with much to do. It was our intention to provide an affordable solution that will guide you creating beautiful projects with a bit of assistance.

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