Ridhwan Case Study - Online Course & LMS Design-Legacy Designs Studio
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Ridhwan Case Study

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About This Project

The Diamond Approach is the spiritual teaching, the path, and the method of the Ridhwan School. The Ridhwan Foundation is the nonprofit spiritual organization established to support and preserve the integrity of the Diamond Approach teaching.

In this case study, I will present how Ridhawn can benefit from an Online Program Director for their Diamond Approach Online Program.

The Diamond Approach is taught through various formats public workshops, and ongoing groups by ordained Ridhwan minister/teachers are authorized to teach the Diamond Approach. The group format—which includes large group meditation, lectures and exercises, small group inquiry practice, and individual spiritual insight sessions—creates a field of spiritual resonance that allows a gradual process of individual spiritual development.

The question is how can the team bring this experience to the online space in order to supplement and or give access to these profound pearls of wisdom to those unable to participate physically as well as implement an affiliate program for its students.

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