Monthly Retainer

Legacy Designs Studio provides ongoing monthly support to business coaches looking for ongoing support to keep their system flowing and growing; a team that understands their, brand and the goals they have set for their clients?


  • Gain support you can count on 24/7
  • Spend more time on coaching and less time on design and management
  • Need to brainstorm, we are here to help you gain clarity


  1. Write, research, and curation of relevant course content.
  2. Ongoing support, management, and updates of your LMS.
  3. Transcription for video and audio files
  4. Proofread and edit of course audio, videos, e-books, and course content.
  5. Graphic Design for Course Marketing
  6. Design & Development of Course and Sales Landing Pages
  7. Creation and management o content production calendar

  • Monthly Retainer

    5 Hours

  • Monthly Retainer

    10 Hours

  • Monthly Retainer

    20 Hours


Without retainer support 

You are spending way to much time with the design, administration, and management of your learning management and enrollment systems. Fiddling with graphics, opt in pages and landing pages, when you really can be spending your time doing more productive work.