Let Freedom Ring! Your Web Site Freedom That Is
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Let Freedom Ring

Are you looking for freedom? Freedom from the shackles of your current so called free web hosting provider, freedom from the cheesy templates and style that everyone else is using.  Do you have a dream that one day your website will reflect your company missions, values, and if nothing else a beautiful design?



It all begins with your domain registration. Your domain registration is similar to your home address. It is what you give people to find out where you live. It is the www.yourname.com. The first step to having web site freedom is registering your domain. There are a few places that you can do this, and some cost a bit more than others, but the majority of them are the same.

The most popular place to register your domain is at www.whois.com

Who is is like a phone book, or a google search engine for all the domains in the world. You can search to find out if your domain is already being used, or even find out who owns a certain domain.

I personally prefer for my domain to be registered at my hosting company.



A little pre-warning. I am biased. Very biased, but it comes from many years of web design and working with many hosting companies over that time.

Your hosting company is a company that is “hosting” your files. All your photos, graphics, articles and blog posts. These will sit on their computer server in a building somewhere amongst hundreds of other servers. You can think of your hosting company like a post office. They are the place of sending and receiving information. I prefer to register my domain with my hosting company that way everything is in one place and the setup of pointing files to where they need to go is much easier.

When it comes to a hosting company, I prefer to work with a company that has great customer support and has fast server speeds and memory capabilities. When people are visiting my website, I want it to be as fast as possible, and if there is ever a problem. I want support and I want it fast. High-quality support is very important.

1- you have your domain. This will cost about 10-15 per year, depending on what you choose.

2- you have your hosting. Hosting is going to run you anywhere from 10.00 per month up. You can pay for this monthly at some places, but most companies will require you to be for the entire year up front.

I suggest Dream Host for your web hosting. I have worked off and on with Dream Host for years. Each time I try to move to someone else, I end up coming back. Dream Host is here in the US. The support team has people where English is their first language, so communication is clear. Do not try to save money and sacrifice communication. Communication is key. I also like the administration dashboard of Dream Host. Everything is easy to find, and they have an easy interface that is user-friendly.

One of the things I like most about Dream Host is that if you are a non-profit organization, you just send them over your 501C3 and your hosting is FREE.

Stay away from Go Daddy! Their speeds are slow and most of all their customer support sucks! I have heard that they have gotten better over time, but from my personal experience with them, I tell people to stay away.

Host Gator! Stay far, far, away. I would use Go Daddy before I use Host Gator. Their customer support is bad, the user interface is horrible. The way they manage custom billing and hosting from the front end is time-consuming, and not user-friendly.


I can not recommend Dream Host enough. I register my domains there and host my sites there. 



Most hosting companies have what is referred to as click to install. They make it very easy to Install WordPress and get started. You simply login to your account, go to your click to install section and choose word press. Boom! You are done.


WordPress is the number one CMS ( Content Management System) used. Over 90% of bloggers and small businesses use WordPress. Although having a free site, or using wix, and square space and sites like that may appear to be easier to use, they do not give you the freedom that you deserve.  I promise you, once you use WordPress you will love it. If you have any problems or need assistance getting setup, we are here to help.


Life is good, have a blessed day.

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