90- Day Launch & Enroll

Launch and enroll your clients in your custom online course in 90 days. We will work one on one with you in the design and development of your own learning management system and very first online course.


  • Beautifully Branded, Custom Design Learning Platform
  • Solidified, up and running with your first course launched and ready for student enrollment
  • Get rid of the middle man, take control and manage your own platform.
  • Knowledge and wisdom in the design and development of LearnDash
  • Tech Savvy insights on using free open source graphic applications.


Sacred Business Vision Clarity

In the first module we will go over the vision you have for your business, and the objectives and goals you have for your clients. This is the most important aspect to remember in business. It keeps us on track and in purpose with everything we do.


Ideal Client Blueprint

Your ideal client is not about how much money they make and how many kids they have. It’s about gaining clarity and insight on who you are here to serve, what they really need from you, and the value you have to offer. In this module, we will create an ideal client blueprint which includes your ideal client’s psychographics, archetype, psychodynamics, and demographics.


Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity is not about using your favorite colors and photos on social media. It is about connecting with your ideal client by using colors, typography, language, and design that speaks and connects with them about who they are and what their goals are. In this module, we will create your brand personality, identity, vision, and inspiration boards and style guide.

LearnDash Platform Design & Development

We will focus on the installation, and setup of your Learn Dash system. Adding the proper functions and design elements to create a beautiful platform to house your online courses, including your landing and thank you pages, and enrollment system.


LearnDash Online Course Design

We will focus on the course content that will be published in learn dash, as well as all the elements and components necessary to bring it together, including each modules activities and lesson plans, course syllabus, and downloadable content.

Designed To Be Queen

These days everyone wants to be The Queen. A true queen is not only an influential woman but a woman of responsibility, a caretaker, a guide, she keeps everything together for everyone in her community. In this module, we will go over the responsibilities of influential design.


Community Design

In this module, we will discuss the various options that are available to take your online course to the next level by creating a community around your courses. Increasing your influence and growing the connection of your followers.


  • WordPress
  • LearnDash
  • BuddyPress
  • Kick-Off Master Mind Webinar
  • 1 monthly Q & A Webinar
  • Unlimited email support
  • Online Instructor worksheets, checklists, and references for your future course creations.
  • Private Community & Accountability Group & Forum

Without your own learning management system in place

You give money away to those that do have their own system in place. You spend a significant amount of time

uploading and managing course content, sales, commissions etc.

You have a lack of control on how the course pages are designed, setup and connect with your ideal client.

You give up the right to control your pricing structure, sales and access to course content.

You reduce traffic to your site and your custom content that really offers value to your clients.