Aisha Abdul Rahman, Owner of Legacy Designs Studio
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A little bit of that corporate jazz if that’s your kind of thing.


PhD in Philosophy, specializing in Transpersonal Counseling

Unversity of Sedona

Master’s in Metaphysics

University of Metaphysics

Bachelor’s in Metaphysics

University of Metaphysics

Associate’s in Business Administration

American Intercontinental University Online


Legacy Lab LLC.

Owner, Designer


Instructional Design Assistant

Rockcliffe University Consortium

Curriculum and Online Course Training & Development Specialist

SALAM Islamic Center

Executive Office Administrator/ Web Designer

Hey, my name is A’isha La’Don. I am a Transpersonal designer and owner of Legacy Lab LLC. Legacy Designs Studio is a Legacy Lab project created for the purpose of providing custom, high-quality online course design, and development for social media influencers.

I have a great love for art and design with an even bigger passion for humanitarian causes and a huge desire to leave my mark in this world.

It was through many years of exploration and discovery that I came to be more aware of who I was and what my purpose is in this life. Today I support, advocate, inspire and encourage other women to step up and manifest their brilliance, in their journey, stop hiding the gifts that they have to share with the world; while also providing my design expertise.

I am a life-long learner with a degree in business as well as psychology and philosophy, many years of experience in education and online learning. I utilize my knowledge and experience of these areas, as a designer to assist influential women with getting clear and manifesting the vision for the course they have in mind.