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About us

We Are

Legacy Designs Studio is a creative design agency that works with creative, spiritual, entrepreneurs that are here to inspire change. We help you get centered and gain clarity. We help you reconnect with your mission and your message, take action and fully show up to make the impact you envisioned.

We Make

Legacy Designs Studio creates conscious design for conscious minds. We create brands that resonate and connect with the higher ideals of your audience. We create brands that transform the way people see themselves and the world around them. We create brands that make an impact, brands that change the world.

Our Story

Legacy Designs Studio is a Legacy Lab LLC. company founded by designer Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman. Aisha has always felt a great inner pulling to make an impact in the world, to do something significant for as long as she could remember. Today, she and her team partner with some of the most amazing companies and organizations around the world, with one objective; to inspire change!


Cups of coffee & tea


Years of experience


International awards


Professional services


Inspiring change, one brand at a time.

Patrick Castillo

Patrick has amazing drawing skills. As a self-taught illustrator, he helps our team see design from outside of the box.

Amy Simpson
Graphic designer

With over 15 years of experiences working with some of the most amazing organizations in the world, Amy is a great asset to the team.

AbdulMalik Abdul Rahman
IT Support Tech

With over 25 years in IT, Abdul is the lead tech support manager for supporting our clients and their tech needs.

Aisha Abdul Rahman
Creative Director

With over 20 years of experience in web design and instructional design. Aisha sets in motion the direction in which all our projects are led.


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