Legacy Designs Studio | ABOUT
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Welcome to Legacy Designs Studio. We are an art production and curation agency specializing in Contemporary Islamic Art. We work with galleries, museums, libraires, private collectors and Muslim artists aroung the globe.


Our mission is to research, promote, cultivate and preserve the talents of Contemporary Muslim artists and their work with the intention to educate the masses and spread a message of unity consciousness through creative expression.


Legacy Lab is founded on the values of Islamic Principles of faith and its diversity of Muslims around the world.

We highly value not only creative expression, and freedom of speach, but traditional, islamic philosophies, and scholarly opinions on Islam, art, and creative expression as a whole.


Owner, and Curator of Legacy Designs Studio; Dr. Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman, PhD has over 18 years of expereince working with the Muslim Community on the design, development, and production of creative events and exhibitions for the public.

Aisha posesses her masters in Metaphysics and PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, providing insights not only in the visual aspects and history of the art she curates, but also the symboloic, philosophic and psychological perspectives as well.

Traveling throughout the globe, researching, and curating contempory Islamic art, Aisha is based out of Sacramento, CA


Collection Management Project Management
Exhibition & Event Planning Education & Outreach
Digital Asset Preservation & Management